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Peter Seaman perodically blogs here. His interests include history, politics, cocktails and telling people he is Batman. Also, he has never actually reblogged anything, though that picture of Olivia Wilde with the pancakes almost made it through.
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I am awake because of reasons. We have guests, and I didn’t want to put on clothes, so I made a toga. Seaman Imperator!

I fought a valiant Valle with a big spider. It tried to flee out the window, but got stuck in the spring that came from the old tap. Victory to Seaman.

Very wow.

I’m on the Ottoman with Hamer. He evicted me from the choicest spot.

It’s movie night. The Usual Suspects. Kirsty, Johnny and Hamer have spilled kebab juice.

My parents are having their adventure across the US, and stopped in Philadelphia. 

The parents came to visit, and now they’ve flown off to America.

On a plane. 

Not by themselves.

They don’t have superpowers.

In other news, latest instructions from thesis supervisor: ‘POLISH, POLISH, POLISH.’ 

So, that’s what I’m doing.

The football.