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Peter Seaman perodically blogs here. His interests include history, politics, cocktails and telling people he is Batman. Also, he has never actually reblogged anything, though that picture of Olivia Wilde with the pancakes almost made it through.
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Those of you that haven’t met me - I am surprisingly tall.

The parents are up.

We went for dinner.

Apparently, there was some popular gig on at the Enmore Theatre tonight. As we left the house, we found a great mass of people sitting down the street and along Enmore Road. It was like ‘Children of the Corn’ as we walked by, their gazes following us.

And I’m 24 tomorrow. Hazzah for me. 


I’ve just given an impromptu half hour lecture on German aims in World War II to a bunch of high school kids.

'Lebensraum… Germania… Case Blue…'

Turns out it was their master plan. Have me rant about history so they didn’t have to do essays on Hamlet.

I’ve made them do the Hamlet essays for homework.

All victory to Seaman.

I’m breaking for lunch. #Thesis #PostGradLife #ManWithHairSeeksJob

My first MMORPG.

Chapter 1: American Nationalism and 1898, 4988 words.

Chapter 2: Regionalism and 1898, 5878 words.

Chapter 3: The one about national unification, 11,842 words.

I need to edit them once or twice more, then they’re all being emailed off for feedback. Then I need to start on the intro + conclusion, and fix up my horrible footnotes.

I’m slightly ahead of schedule, I’m channeling Germany. The Germans get things done.

You’re better with telling stories than historiography.

The thesis supervisor.

I’m very okay with this.

We’ve decided Monday night movies is going to be a thing.

This week, at my suggestion, we watched the 1994 crime film, ‘The Crow.’ Last week it was ‘The Shining’. Next week, it’s Brendo’s turn to choose. 

We do it at my place due to the central location, and get pizzas from Tony down the road. 

He feeds me twice a week.

Fridays are pasta night.

Also, Kirsty started an anecdote with; ‘I have a Pom-esque bad date story.’

In my defense, not all of the dates I go on degenerate into me judging someone, then paying for dinner and never seeing them again.

Just most of them.

The thesis continues. I’m about to put the three chapters together, and they’re about 19,000 words. I’m emailing it to my supervisor next week, and I think the drafts are less crappy than they have been in the past.

Anyway, I’m off to play ‘Orcs Must Die 2’ or ‘Age of Empires 2’ or something with Jeremy.

Fulfilling the social obligation of giving people cheeses. #MondayNightMovies

Yesterday evening I received a call from Ben, at around 10:30. I was home from my evening walkies, and he declared that he and Grace were in my neighborhood. Actually, they were on my street. So, they popped by for wine and my charming company.

We discussed German culture and foreign policy, James Bond movies and former Australian Prime Ministers. Everyone seems to have a soft spot for Keating. And Fraser was pretty good, too.

Actually, I really like the Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke trifecta. I think Fraser is the last good PM the Liberal Party produced, and it’s telling that in his twilight years he’s estranged from his old party and appears in ads supporting the Greens.

Mum called this evening, and mentioned that developments in Ukraine are reminiscent of pre-war, late 30s Hitler. 

"They should stop Putin like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich."

She was then distracted by dad, something about antiques on eBay.


Ben and grace and vinyls