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Peter Seaman perodically blogs here. His interests include history, politics, cocktails and telling people he is Batman. Also, he has never actually reblogged anything, though that picture of Olivia Wilde with the pancakes almost made it through.
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At the parents’ house. The river is down. Perhaps later I shall go boating.

Last night, for Brendo’s birthday, we went trampolining.¬†

At an indoor trampoline center.

Kirsty arrived to pick me up, with Jeremy and Hamer already in the car. They pulled out front, and Jeremy screamed, ‘SEAMAN. PETER SEAMAN. WE’VE COME TO TAKE YOU TRAMPOLINING.’

I was stuck in the back with Hamer, and proceeded to call Brendo to see where he was. 

He was still near his house, waiting for a bus.

We told him not to get on the bus.

A minute later we called him back, and he exclaimed ‘I’m on the bus!’ He then sent us a map, and we drove to Alexandria to pick him up.

We found him on a corner by an adult supermarket, and he joined Hamer and I in the back.

Trampolining was done.

I regretted not taking a change of clothes. Among other things, we played doge-ball. Jeremy threw balls and small children, and in one round I was the only person left on our team, facing another person.

He got me, and I came runner-up.

Also, if you get hit in the head, it doesn’t count.

Then there was some disagreement about where to go next. Dan Murphy’s Liquor Store was closed, so we went McDonald’s drive through. I had a strawberry thick-shake, then we went back to Kirsty’s.

She had brownie at the ready.

When Kirsty’s housemate came home, we made some attempt to pretend to have an articulate conversation.

'Yes, American foreign policy really needs to change to confront this.'

'Yes. Harrumph.'

 Slightly later Hamer found a trap door and went exploring.

Then I walked home in the rain, stopping at Oporto to pick up some Bondi Bites.

Interestingly enough, there was a fellow there who was in the year above me in High School. I didn’t recognize him at first, but he came over to say hello.

He then walked creepily close to two girls in the corner, and asked me what I’d rate them out of ten. Even I found it creepy.

I ate my Bondi Bites on the way home.


Post skyzone selfie.